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How do I get billed?


Online Trainer - Live

You can pay for your training plan all at once (a discount is applied) with any major credit card, Paypal

or e-check or make installment payments with a major credit card.


Installment payments vary depending on the number of sessions purchased and duration of your training plan. Each installment payment gives you 8 (50-min) online one-on-one LIVE sessions to be used

within 30-days. Sessions not used within the 30-days window are forfeited.


Billing cycle for the installment payments happen when the 7th session of the month is used

or in the 30-day anniversary date of your installment plan (whichever happens first).


online Personal Trainer & online Personal Trainer + Nutrition

Your credit card will be billed monthly until you cancel your account.


How do I cancel my account?


Online Trainer - Live

You can cancel your Online Trainer - Live account anytime once your original Fitness Service Agreement is paid off by emailing us at . There are no refunds for sessions not used during the life of your training plan.


online Personal Trainer & online Personal Trainer + Nutrition

You can cancel your account anytime by emailing us at


There is no "buy option" for Online Trainer - Live. How do I buy it?


The best way to see if Online Trainer -Live is right for you is to book your FREE session. Once you complete your trial, your trainer will provide you with all buying options.


Do I need to own any exercise equipment to use SCULPT's online trainer?


No. You can train with us with no equipment, however if you own any exercise equipment, let us know. We can build exercise program to take advantage of any and all exercise equipment you may have.


How much does Personal Trainer LA cost?


Personal Trainer LA start as low as $599 per month for a 12 month plan. See additional pricing info


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